What Sets Us Apart

100 years of combined compliance experience
  • 4,50,000 Employees’ labour compliance managed
  • 2300 Factories & Offices Managed
Strong internal team of experienced lawyers
  • Used for Interpretations, opinions & Representations
  • Team of 10 internal Lawyers
Partnered with the Plug and Play Platform-Simpliance
  • Collaborative and detailed information on laws and penalties
  • Evidence tracking and real-time updation
Backend expertise and a robust digital front end
  • 1,80,000 internal employees’ compliance managed
  • Approx. 2,70,000 employees’ compliance managed for External Clients
Pan India presence offering
unrivaled scale
  • Labour compliance managed across remote locations of India
  • Operational presence and government connect across all major states
Part of Quess, India’s largest Integrated Services Provider
  • Pan India presence with 65 offices across 34 cities
  • Over 1700+ satisfied clients across 4 Industrial Verticals